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A Glimpse of Rhuvan

From the Northern most coast to the South, these nations all run along the coastline. Rhuvan is bordered along the North by the Samman Strait. The strong winds of this Strait are often considered impassible, as they have a tendency to smash ships upon the rocky cliffs bordering the waterway. This Strait continues past the [Craggy Mountains] of the west. Moving along the strait to the east, the cliffs form the highest point near the strait meets the Derthing Ocean. Here, the land turns southward, sloping quickly downward until about midway before rising up again. The land makes another turn as the Derthing Meets the Hyrin Ocean, heading back west.

Two small mountain chains snake along the coast, providing shelter for many of the nations from The Fens. The Peszik Range runs horizontal to the northern coast, providing a steep and sudden drop into the Samman Strait. These mountains are tall, craggy and harsh with short, bitter winters. The altitude accounts for much of the Northern nation’s cooler weather, despite geographical location. Summers along the cliffs are known to be some of the most pleasant, with warm breezes and surprisingly strong afternoon storms. This range runs from Khodizk Peak and turns south where it meets with [Relgious Queendom]

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Main Page

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