>In Planning<

Set apart from much of the world, the small coastal nations of Rhuvan have largely been left to settle. Tall cliffs in cold, inhospitable waters make much of the region isolated. Despite this, the people of Rhuvan have grown and prospered, with integrated trade between the few nations that have developed. Caravans of goods travel the borderlands between the coastal nations and The Fens, a large, inhospitable marshland. This Fen serves as the only hindrance to the corruption from Haerwood to the east, a forest filled with twisted evil and strange, deadly wonders.

It has been 100 years since the signing of the Cestean Concord, a treaty that unified the coastal lands for mutual protection against attacks from the Haerwood. Through cooperation, the lands beat back invaders deep into the Haerwood, and much of the last century has ushered an era of relative peace. Yet there is still room for adventurers: those who seek fame, fortune and fate. Will you find yours?

The Lands of Rhuvan